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Measles Update as at 24 September 2019

Here is a simplified explanation from us. 

Due to limited MMR vaccine stocks we are prioritising "on time" childhood vaccination.

We are currently only vaccinating:

  • Children at 15 months and 4 years of age
    As there is currently no measles outbreak in Wellington these are not being given early except in circumstances of increased risk (please discuss with the nurse).
  • Children aged up to 15 years who have not had a single MMR vaccine

For young adults / adults who have no record of Measles vaccination there is a "prioritised wait list" for vaccination once normal supplies resume.  Call the nurses who will assess your risk and we will contact you to make an appointment when vaccine is available.

If you have received one dose of Measles / MMR vaccine you have a high probability (90-95%) of immunity.  A second dose is recommended but not high priority.  Please check the website or call in 2020.

If you are over 50 years of age you do not need an MMR vaccination as you will have gained immunity from exposure to the wild virus prior to the routine vaccination being introduced.

If you require more detailed information please see the earlier updates below from the Ministry of Health.


Measles update 13 Sept 2019:

Following instruction from the Ministry of Health we will, unfortunately, be phoning adults already booked in for the measles vaccine and deferring those appointments for at least 4 weeks.  Please accept our apologies for this but we have been instructed to prioritise children until sufficient vaccine supplies are available to the Central region.  Distribution of vaccines is being prioritised to those areas of NZ where there are most confirmed cases of measles.

Thank you for your understanding.  We will keep you updated as more information comes to hand.


Measles update 6 Sept 2019:

We are getting an increased number of calls regarding the measles information that has been in the media and we appreciate that this is a concerning time for you, especially if you have travel plans to the most affected parts of NZ.

Parents of chidren aged 0-14yrs can email and ask for a copy of their child's National Immunisation Register (NIR) record for measles.  You will need to provide your child's full name, date of birth, NHI number (if known), and the mother's fullname.  Please note the NIR was only formed in 2005 so records are not available for children aged over 14 years.

Thank you for your patience at what is an already busy time of year for us.  We will do our very best to return your calls by the end of the following business day.  In the meantime please find information below from Regional Public Health:

Measles Update - 6 September 2019:

  • There is currently 1 case of measles in the greater Wellington region.  A total of 21 cases this year.
  • 1051 measles cases have been diagnosed across NZ this year, 877 in Auckland.
  • Children under 5 years account for 30% of cases and 46% of hospitalisations.

MMR vaccine

The vaccine is in high demand and limited supply, hence we have been told to prioritise as vaccine supplies allow:

  • Babies aged 12-14 months travelling to Auckland are recommended to have their 1st MMR early at 12 months.  Ideally 2 weeks before travel to allow protection to develop.
  • People travelling to Auckland, particularly Pacific or Maori people visiting family and friends in South Auckland.
  • People(including babies aged 6-12 months) travelling overseas where large measles outbreaks are occurring.  Further advice and details of countries with measles outbreaks can be found at

Kind regards

The team at Newlands Medical Centre