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Covid Level 1 at Newlands Medical Centre

Now that NZ is in Alert level 1 there has been a loosening of the restrictions that have been in place until this point.  Although there are no current cases Covid remains a possibility until a vaccine is developed. 

We have been advised by our professional organisations to remain vigilant and to keep some measures in place to protect our patients and our team from the risk of any kind of respiratory infection.  This means that we may have measures in place that other industries do not.  We have a number of patients with significant health conditions who are vulnerable to infection and if one of our team becomes unwell with even a mild cold they are required to be off work for about a week until clear of all symptoms. 

Sadly we have had recent instances of patients being less than honest with us about their symptoms to gain access to the main part of the practice.   Their actions put our team and other patients at risk.  Please do not minimise your symptoms just so that we will see you – be reassured that you will be treated, just in a separate area of the practice.

Measures in place here are:
• Patients wanting an in-person visit will still be asked screening questions regarding any symptoms of respiratory illness (eg cough, fever, sore throat, runny nose).
• Maintaining physical distancing within the practice.  Our waiting room capacity remains reduced so please arrive just a few minutes before your appointment (not too early) and be aware that we may ask you to wait in your car if there are already enough patients in the waiting room.  Where possible only bring relevant family members to your appointment.
• Continuing to keep patients with cold and flu-like symptoms separate to other patients.  This means our front doors will remain on controlled entry until further notice.
• Practicing scrupulous hand hygiene upon entering and exiting the practice.
• Emphasising infection control, eg sneezing and coughing into your elbow, sanitising your hands after using a tissue, etc
• Seeing approx. 1 in 5 patients virtually, ie telephone consultations, but allowing patients more flexibility to make this choice.

Booking on ManageMyHealth:
To help us please put a reason for your appointment in the mandatory field and also note if you want a telephone consultation or a face-to-face appointment.

On behalf of our team THANK YOU for your efforts todate in getting NZ to level 1 as quickly as we have.  We appreciate that it hasn’t been easy.  That said, we are not yet without risk of further Covid cases and we ask that you respect the need for the above measures and show kindness to our team as they work within them.