Under the Privacy Act we are required to be careful about who has access to personal medical information. We are forbidden to give out information, including test results, to anyone other than the person involved without their express consent. If you want someone else to be given your results please inform us in writing.

We are required to give information to various Government agencies including ACC, the Primary Health Organisation (PHO) and the District Health Board (Capital and Coast DHB).

Age 16 years and over – Your Privacy

Once you turn 16 years of age there are a few changes that happen regarding your health privacy.

This is considered the age of consent. You are now able to make your own health decisions (ie you can consent to your treatment, or not).

We encourage you to discuss any health issues with your parent/caregiver/guardian but you do not have to. We cannot share your confidential medical information with anyone, outside of our team members who are involved in your care, without your consent.

We will be sending you a letter around this time to ensure that we have your personal contact details correct. Please take a few moments to review the information, make any corrections, and return it to us. You can post it or email it to us at

This is also the time to arrange your own access to the patient portal (MyIndici). For more info please check out