Newlands Medical Travel Information


The aim of this page is to provide you with information regarding how we can best meet your needs for travel vaccinations and advice in a timely manner.

Please note: We are not a specialist travel centre.

Here at NMC, travel service appointments with a doctor are needed in order to prescribe any travel vaccinations. Full, unsubsidised, appointment and prescription charges will apply as the funding we receive from the government does not extend to travel services. Please note that the travel vaccines incur separate charges and we require payment prior to these being administered.

Making your appointment 6 weeks prior to travel, for advice and any vaccinations, is advisable. If your travel is within 6 weeks we will do our best to accommodate your request but we are unable to guarantee this and you may be directed to a specialist travel service.

Please note: We are unable to administer some specialist vaccines, eg for Rabies and Yellow Fever, and you could be directed to a specialist travel service.

The Process

  1. As soon as you have finalised your travel arrangements please complete the attached questionnaire. Then either email it to or bring it in person to the medical centre. A questionnaire needs to be completed for each person travelling.
  2. A GP will then review your completed questionnaire.
  3. The nurse will contact you to discuss the outcome of the GP review, including:
    • whether travel vaccinations can be completed at NMC
    • the number of appointments required and when these should be booked
    • the cost of any recommended vaccines
    • the methods of payment for this service

We wish you a safe and enjoyable travel experience.